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Saturday, November 28, 2009

{ Ingredient: Thai Dried Chili }

I decided to create a section just for ingredients, mainly to make my life easier for when I post the next dish. Also, I'm not going to give any history of my ingredients or any nutrition facts, as you can probably look for those informations up on the internet (Gawd bless the internet... :D) For this one, I'd like to introduce Thai dried chili. As some of you may have already known about this chili, perhaps more than I do, this chili does consider to be pretty hot. Not as hot as habanero, but certainly hot enough to make a friend of mine rolled himself on the floor as he suffocated, and I believe he said something like "when is this going to stop..." in a debilitated tone of voice (not to exaggerated the situation but he did dare to eat a whole chili by itself...good time...good time...)

Anyway, this item is definitely worth it for your spice's cabinet. It is really cheap (last time I saw was like 99 cent for one package, that would last for a few month, unless of course if your tongue made out of steel and you snack hot pepper regularly for your daily supplement, then I think you know what to do.)

<--- Here's what you can do with it --->

You can only get this at the asian market, (since I've never seen any from American's grocery stores in my area) most, if not all, carry this item.


Roast the chili on a medium high heat (yes in your cooking pan with nothing in it but chili!) Stir it frequently until it becomes dark brown.

***WARNING: in this process, you want to make sure that your ventilation system is working. Best way to do this is to cook it outdoor (if possible), if not, open all the windows and be prepared for the fume of heated chili...think of it as a tear gas or pepper bomb that will be exploded in your kitchen (ok maybe not, but pretty close, I think ...o_o)***


You could store the roasted chili as it is, or you could ground it up. Either way, this roasted pepper does make an excellent condiment for your table.

///Try add it to your next pizza or pasta instead of the other grounded red pepper...///


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